IT Infrastructure

Understanding the IT structure and finding critical environment issues


     With the growing popularity of cloud computing, environment virtualization and network decentralization it is clear that IT infrastructures became more complex and hard to understand. Companies need simple and efficient tools to manage their networks and GraphX is one of this tools.

Network visualization

    You might ask one simple question - why? And the answer is -  to provide a better and cleaner way to analyze large volumes of connections between network entities. With the data visualization you can distinct groups or subgroups of entities connected by different set of relations. Search, filter and analyze data clusters as you want to.
    The benefits you get by visualizing your networks are

  • Better planning - see how to better organize your network, manipulate entities interactively to find the best solution
  • Improved support - quickly find out the problems within infrastructure by visualizing the complete network map in a readable way
  • Reduced maintenance - use visualization to optimize your network processes excluding inefficient chains and irrelevant dependencies thus saving your money and efforts required to maintain infrastructure
  • Improved safety - see the network entities dependencies and relations to find out the components vulnerable to cyber attacks

GraphX for your IT network

     GraphX is a powerful toolkit for network visualization and analysis. It can use different visualization techniques to distinguish different aspects of the network and relations between the entities.

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